Who produces the Mardi Gras Run for the Community Council?
The Endurance Race Series. Race producers of 15 total trail running races, and 4 additional charitable events in San Diego.
What is your refund policy if I cannot make it to the race?
We of course understand that things unexpectedly come up from time to time, but we unfortunately cannot give any monetary refunds. We do offer 1 option in this situation:
  • RACE TO RACE TRANSFER: If you are more than 14 days out from the event, the Endurance Race Series is more than happy to transfer you to any one of the events they own or produce throughout the year (for profit or non-profit events).  To find out which events are owned or produced by the Endurance Race Series please visit www.enduranceraceseries.com. If you would like to request a transfer please email us at info@themardigrasrun.com 
Is there prize money awarded to the winners?
No. We are not offering prize money to any of our winners, BUT will supply those runners with prizes supplied by our sponsors.
Are trail shoes required?
No. Trail running shoes are not required for our race course, only recommended. 
Can I use music while racing?
Grey Area... Due to safety concerns, we prefer you DO NOT listen to music during the race, for safety concerns.  If someone tries to pass you while listening to music it will cause safety issues for both parties. If you are one of those runners that can't live without music while you run, then we ask you to be courteous to other runners and listen to your music at a lower volume so you can hear your surroundings
Online registration is closed. Can I register on day of race?
Yes. The registration and packet pickup tent will open 2 hours prior to the start of the race.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my registration?
Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade your race at any time leading up to the event. If you upgrade from the 5K to the 10K, we will ask that a $15 upgrade fee be paid before the start or the race. 
I am a slow runner. Is there a course cutoff time or do you allow runners to start earlier than the scheduled time?
We do not have an official course time set for this race, and will keep the course and finish line open until the last runner crosses the finish. If you feel like you are a slower runner or need more time, we do allow runners to begin 15 minutes early. If you are one of those individuals you will keep track of your own time and report it to the timing company upon finish of the race.